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​​SAHS Sexual Addiction Help Support

SAHS Sexual Addiction Help Support

I want to recover from sexual addiction. However, there is not enough information about it. In the first place, I can't judge myself as an sexual addict.

From my experience of sexual addiction, this website was made to share certain information of sexual addiction here.

I made this website to keep on recovering, to get to know more about sexual addiction

and to support sexual addicts recovery. That is SAHS.


What is Sexual Addiction?

Sexual addiction is an disorder of coexisting sexual lust and wish to stop sexual behaviors

​Sexual addiction is the disorder that patient cannot stop sexual behaviors (sex, masturbating, watching porn, exhibitionism, voyeurism, molesting, raping, unsafe sex etc) and the condition of these behaviors affects one's lifestyle significantly.

The medical treatment for sexual addiction which violates the law such as molesting, raping, voyeurism, exhibitionism has gradually increased in Japan. On the other hand, the medical treatment for "non criminal sexual addiction" such as having sex outside marriage, having sex with anonymous people, 

cyber sexual communication on the internet, compulsive masturbation and et.  have not developed enough environment of recovery and medical treatment facilities.

The 6 signs of sexual addiction​

What is "PATHOS" that indicates features of disorder

Preoccupation to sexual behaviors



`Preoccupation to sexual behavior, spending too much time for sexual fantasy

Hidden sexual behavior

Image by davide ragusa


Having sexual behavior secretly in order not to be noticed the sexual behavior by others

Needing for help

Image by youssef naddam


Feeling that needs of help to stop sexual behavior

Hurt others by sexual behavior

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Hurt others

Hurting partners or someone by engaging sexual behavior

Out of control

Image by Jilbert Ebrahimi

Out of control

Becoming out of control to stop sexual behavior

Feeling depressed after sexual behavior



Feeling depressed after sexual behavior, sometime feeling guilty

If these symptoms emerged with sexual behaviors, you may have the risk of sexual addiction.


This is the Japanese edition of Sexual Addiction Screening Test(SAST) which is provided from IITAP.

The possibility of sexual addiction can be known from this test.

(Caution : high scored does not mean diagnose of sexual addiction.

Please consult the doctor if you need to diagnose it.)

Online Sexual Addiction Talk with Shiro (Addicts)

When I first faced my sexual problem, I confronted the lack of the consulting agency of sexual addiction in Japan.

SAHS opened the women's online sexual addiction talk for a fee.

Personal meeting cost on you.

Exceptionally, teenagers can talk with Shiro about sexual problems for free. Please let me know by e-mail.

Website owner Shiro (Sexual addict)

Shiro is an woman sexual addict who born in1989. Sexual compulsive behavior addict and sex addict. Mother of 3 children.

After repeated successive sexual problem, attempt to suicide and failed.

After that, I realize my problem and started to recover from 2020 by reading books written by Dr. Patrick Carnes, Dr. Robert Weiss, and Dr. Stefanie Carnes. Participating and running self-help group. Sharing information about sexual addiction on SNS.

Japanese translation of SAST released 2020 Nov. SAHS Website started 2021 May.

代表 土田彩佳 (Shiro)
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